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Who can use our services?

StyleLounge is Europe’s largest Google Comparison Shopping Services platform when it comes to Fashion and Lifestyle products. As we are specialized in this market, you can use StyleLounge as a CSS platform if the following is true for you:

  • You are an online retailer - no matter of which size
  • You are selling Fashion and Lifestyle products
  • You are able to provide us a product data feed that contains your products

What are the benefits?

Getting on board StyleLounge CSS provides the following benefits for you:

  • You are working with a Premium Google CSS Partner
  • You are saving up to 30% of the regular Google Shopping costs
  • You have the full support of our CSS experts to advice you on your campaign optimizations
  • Your products are promoted on the StyleLounge website
  • Full transparency and full cost control

Optimal Bids

  • Bid optimization entirely managed by StyleLounge’s experts with advanced machine-learning algorithms
  • Most competitive prices on Shopping Ads

Guaranteed Price

  • Pay exactly the CPC you are willing to pay
  • No surprise on costs – your CPC is guaranteed

Manage Your CPC

  • Individual CPC at brand, category or product level
  • Individual CPC per device

Less Costs and More High Quality Traffic at a Lower Price

  • Substantial savings vs. Google Shopping pricing
  • More traffic from Shopping Ads at a lower price


  • Get regular reports for full transparency 
  • Support by our dedicated team of our CSS experts 


  • Individual CPC per device, product level etc.
  • StyleLounge and Shopping, whatever you prefer setup wise – we can do it

How do we optimize?

In order to maximize your Google Shopping ROI, we continuously apply a set of best-practice optimization strategies we developed over the last years.

Device Specific

By using our machine learning algorithm, we can make sure to have the right optimization strategy in place for each device type of your PLA campaign.

Product Specific

Our most granular marketing structure dynamically adapts to each feed in real-time. Combined with our machine learning algorithm we are able to determine the best converting product title and description.

Search Query Specific

Search query specific optimizations allow us to efficiently bid on most competitive brands and categories as well as targeting longtail search queries. This allows us to prioritize the most qualified traffic that is being sent to you.

Real-Time Bidding

Our algorithm adjusts bids in real-time and thereby guarantees to place the right bid at the right time.

Biggest Fashion Inventory

We are managing Europe’s biggest online fashion catalogue thus are able to utilize a huge knowledge base about products. We are updating feeds in real time and use our product matching algorithm to gain matched product information from other online shops.

Transparency of Costs

We provide you with AdHoc and individual reporting and offer you a fixed CPC cost structure that you can set on a product level via a product data feed.

How to get started?

With more than 200 partners on StyleLounge CSS already, we made the on boarding process for you as easy as possible:

Connecting your Products

We will connect your product data feed to the StyleLounge CSS system.

Campaign Launching

Once the feed is connected and your products are on the StyleLounge comparison platform, we are ready to launch the first campaigns on Google Shopping

Campaign Optimization

After launch we will continuously apply our optimization strategies so that you get the most out of your Shopping campaigns.

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  • StyleLounge is an official Google Premium Partner for CSS
  • StyleLounge CSS is only dedicated to fashion and lifestyle products
  • StyleLounge CSS has the biggest fashion inventory in Europe
  • StyleLounge CSS uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to optimize your campaigns and delivers detailed reporting

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