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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to our frequently asked questions we have received from customers. Did not find your question? Feel free to contact us.

Yes, you can work with as many CSS as you like. You might want to limit the amount of CSS platforms at a certain point, but only to simplify your setup.

Yes, there is no risk for you to keep working with your own Google Shopping setup and then determine which channel performs the best.

Yes, you can keep advertising on Google Shopping via your usual agency. However, we know that you will save money by advertising via StyleLounge CSS.

Yes, feel free to ask for the support of our account management and marketing teams, so that they can set the budget for you.

You will pay the exact CPC that you set in the feed. No extra costs will be charged.

Yes, both small single brand fashion producers and big online retailers can work with us. There is no lower limit for the number of products, a budget, etc.

Yes, we actually recommend to do so. Add a column to your feed with the desired CPC at product and/or device level. Feel free to ask our team for advice on your CPC levels.

We make our margin thanks to the optimizations on a product level, that we are capable of implementing. Our overall goal is to provide savings to the partner shops while securing a margin for ourselves.

In short, no. If you are interested in more detailed, check out this explanation provided by Google.

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