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Google Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

As a result of the new EU regulation, the Google Shopping Ads platform can now be operated by multiple selected comparison websites (so called CSS). The European Commission imposed that Advertisers should be able to use Google Shopping Advertisements through other CSSs rather than through Google alone in order to create a competitive and thereby a fair environment. Google Shopping should be profitable independently and therefore deducts a substantial margin from advertisers’ bids through other CSS on their Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

StyleLounge is one of the few comparison shopping services accredited to promote shops on Google Shopping Ads besides the normal Google Search. This allows you to advertise your products now at a lower costs that you are used to from your PLA campaigns.

Watch the video , if you want to gain a quick overview on how CSS works on Google.

Why Adding StyleLounge as a CSS?

As a Google CSS Premium Partner for Shopping Ads in the field of fashion & lifestyle products, StyleLounge can provide you access to Shopping Ads on Google Search. Simultaneously, StyleLounge CSS can offer more competitive prices than Google Shopping CSS while at the same time delivering more qualified traffic from Shopping Ads on your PLA campaigns.

Image showing the saving potential for using StyleLounge as a CSS instead of Google Shopping CSS

Contrary to Google Shopping CSS, StyleLounge CSS is not obliged by law to make profit. Therefore, we are able to set more competitive bids for our merchants. In some cases, we even set higher bids, than paid by the merchants. 

Google search result that shows Google Comparison Shopping Services Ads by StyleLounge

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  • StyleLounge is an official Google Premium Partner for CSS
  • StyleLounge CSS is only dedicated to fashion and lifestyle products
  • StyleLounge CSS has the biggest fashion inventory in Europe
  • StyleLounge CSS uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to optimize your campaigns and delivers detailed reporting

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